Wednesday, August 28, 2013

[MV] EXO - Growl (Korean Original Ver.) [GomTV HD-1080p]

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++File name : Gallade _ EXO - Growl (Korean Original Ver.) [GomTV HD-1080p].avi
++Download Link - EmbedUpload : 2 Parts
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++Extract Password : Gallade

Video : AVC 10.0 Mbps | 29.970 fps | Audio : MP-3 256 Kbps | 2 Channels 
Encode + Upload : Gallade
Download  Link  :  Part 01  Part 02

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Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me whats the difference between this and youtube version? I already watched 2 video side by side but it almost identical.


Thank you so much!!!!

Robotki said...

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

If u watch in CPU it is quite same but if watch in SMART TV it will have different, the Youtube version is not sharp, bright and not high motion rate, but In Gom Version the video is very sharp& bright and High Motion Rate

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the explanation! I guess I need to but a SMART TV then. ;D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anyone who knows which is better?, the Bugs version or GOM and why? tnx

Anonymous said...

can u upload chinese version gallade...please...^_^ gomtv hd 1080p

Anonymous said...

Creo que la version de Gomtv es muy buena, mejor de todas, ya que ademas de buen imagen de video, tambien es muy bueno en audio, mientras que Melon tiene muy bajo volumen y Bugs un desastre en audio.

I think the best is Gomtv, because gomtv plus good quality video, audio quality good also... While Bugs in audio is a disaster

my English is very bad, I speak Spanish

Anonymous said...

thanks . ^^ idk that gom tv better than youtube . thanks for sharing yaw

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