Saturday, December 29, 2012

How to download from f.xunlei ???

A Chinese hosting, here is the guide to download file from f.xunlei

+ / Register a new account (free) -> [Click Here]

+ / After that, this window will be opened, click at the green button

+ / Click the arrows

+ / Choose 5 tabs (any) and finish by clicking the green button at the bottom

+ / Open the download link& then click to download symbol

+ / Max speed download !

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tsuha said...

hello. .
thanks for the tutor. but can u help me? because i dont understand Chinese and the second picture didnot show up. instead it is show up like this .i use both mozila and chrome, the result is same. n because i thought i was wrong, i register with another email n also give me the same result ㅠㅠ

Gallade said...

@tsuha : sr actually I don't understand Chinese, and don't know exactly what error happen with you
Plz try with torrent here

If you still can't download, reply me, I will find another exchange host for you

tsuha said...

thx for the reply. i cant download with torrent. idk why :(
actually mf is fine. last time i download frm there but suddenly it stopped bcz the acc. suspended ㅠ ㅅ ㅠ
btw thx again for want to help me to upload at another hosting file ><

Gallade said...

I find it on Google :
credit for baochuongsone:
2012.12.28 KBS 2012 SONG FESTIVAL PART 1 (HD-720p)

2012.12.28 KBS 2012 SONG FESTIVAL PART 2 (HD-720p)

Pass: baochuongsone

tsuha said...

thank you very much /bows/ finally i cn download it x)

Anonymous said...

the file is blocked in mediafire for violation T_T aw :(

Anonymous said...

thanks for the guide. i've signed up and will be trying this out soon :)

Anonymous said...

How if I'm already sign up then I want to login again?

dina said...

oh i cannot sing in my accunt....
what means of 帐号???? O_O
hellppppppppppppppp Q~Q

Unknown said...

I cant download ;n; .... please heeeelp ;n;

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