Friday, June 22, 2012

[Perf] Infinite - In The Summer + INFINITIZE + The Chaser @ 120621 Mnet M!Countdown

 In The Summer
 INFINITIZE + The Chaser

File Name : Gallade _ Infinite - In The Summer + INFINITIZE + The Chaser @ 120621 Mnet M!Countdown.mkv
Size : 231 MB
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Password Unrar:Gallade 
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MediaFire : 2 Parts
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AVC 4405 Kbps | 29.970 fps | MP-2 320 Kbps | 2 Channels 
Encode + Upload : Gallade

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10 nhận xét:

Anonymous said...

=)) =)) =))
wow~!!! thanks~!!! wondering why they having such special stage???

Gallade said...

I don't know
Maybe cuz they win triple crown :)
or they prepare say goodbye :(
hope not

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I really enjoyed this performance :D

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot!!

Anonymous said...

so fast want to say goodbye dy??? :(

Alyssa said...

Love it when they sing 'In the summer' :)

Aime said...

WoW!!! Waiting so long to see they perform this song!
Also hope performance for Feel So Bad and With...
Love you Infinite! and
Thank You, Gallade!

PPS Private Mate said...

hi! need some guide here.. i downloaded both parts and even extracted both files.. but when i played the videos, no sound came out.. from both files.. which is kinda confusing cuz both are of same size and same video.. what do i do??

thanks :D

Gallade said...

to below comment :
When you finish extract 2 file .001 & .002 you recieve only one file .mkv
Plz play the .mkv file, not another
If you can hear the sound, plz update your player or swicth to use some recomment soft like : Media Player Classic / KM Player / Pot Player ...

PPS Private Mate said...

okiee okiee thanks... i forgot to use media classic.. -.-*

thanks a bunch :) :)

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