Wednesday, March 28, 2012

[PV] 카라 - Best Clip II (Blu-Ray)

***Interlaced Blu-Ray - Need strong CPU/Graphic to play***
AVC 33.8 Mbps | 29.970 fps | PCM 2034 Kbps | 2 Channels 
Download & Re-Up : Gallade

01. Jet Coaster Love
02. Go! Go! Summer
03. Winter Magic
04. Ima, Okuritai “Arigato
05. Mr. (Japanese Ver.)
06. Jumping (Japanese Ver.)
07. STEP
08. Go! Go! Summer (Live)

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8 nhận xét:

jules said...

why did I can not enter the mediafire folder link?
it showed you don't have access to view this folder

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing :))

redracer said...

This is just fabulous - thanks !!!

Anonymous said...

Are the songs cut? I'll find out soon enough.
This is like OMG :) Think others will also start to release bluray versions of their songs. Hope so anyway, many thanks!

akihabara00 said...

How can I download with MEDIAFIRE?

Almond said...

Why do I have to complete a survey for the mediafire links at tiny paste???

Asuka said...

I don't think these are working anymore do you still have this? ;; i would love "jet coaster love" thank you ^u^

aran ho said...

I can't download those link,Can you repair all?


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