Saturday, March 10, 2012


I recieved more comment re-up files
But want to tell : All MediaFire file of me are still alive
So,anyone need download,plz follow some step below:
 1. Click adf link,and wait for 5s but DON'T CLICK "SKIP AD"
 2. Right click on SKIP AD button and select "Copy Address Link"
 3. Open a NEW TAB & paste the link
You can normaly access MediaFire link to download

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Anonymous said...

Thanks gallade :)
Reaaaallllyyy appreciate it :)

Anonymous said...

But I still can't download you 110417 2PM Heartbeat@MBC Korean Music Wave file...:(
I hope you can reupload it back if you still have it...if not huhuuhu :(
Anyway,thanks for the info ...already downloaded bunch of others :)

Anonymous said...

There's no copy address link popping up in the options. Do you have to use adf? If you want to make money, you can always ask for donations. The websites I go to that are popular like this usually get paid nice sum of cash.

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