Sunday, December 18, 2011

[Concert] 소녀시대 Japan 1stTour [720p.Blu-Ray.DD5.1.x264]

Format : MKV | Time Lengh : 120 min | Size : 4.5GB
List Performance:
2. you-aholic
4. I'm In Love With The HERO
5. Let It Rain
6. Snowy Wish
8. Kissing you
9. Oh!
12. Run Devil Run intro
13. Run Devil Run
14. Beautiful Stranger
15. HOOT
16. Complete
17. My Child
18. Ice Boy
19. HaHaHaSong
20. Gee
22. Into the new world
23. Way to go
24. It's Fantastic!

MediaFire (No Pass) : 23 Parts | 199 MB/Part
001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005 | 006 | 007 | 008 | 009 | 010
011 | 012 | 013 | 014 | 015 | 016 | 017 | 018 | 019 | 
020 | 021 | 022 | 023 
MultiUpload (No Pass) : 001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005

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Anonymous said...

sorry but why the mediafire link is broken...

Anonymous said...

pass la j zay ban???

SoShiStation said...

What MU Pass?

Kail said...

Update password là
Do Kail bị tụi khác hotlink mà ko ghi credit nhìu wá nên phải đặt pass
Trung edit thêm pass nha!

Anonymous said...

im sorry , how to join each mkv part into 1 mkv?

Anonymous said...

ehmm i'm try 2day but i cant download from mediafire..could u check,,,thank you b4..

Gallade said...

From Gallade:

to Comment #5 : use FFSF soft to join all part into 1 file,remember all of them must same name

to Comment #6 : I check it and MF is still work normal,if you can't,please check your network or download it from MU

jasdiane said...

hi already download it all... when i use hjslip, it says its error... can i ask another solution?? thanks!! and yes, they are in the same name.... i tried really hard.. thanks!

bunga said...

i try again,,n its works..sorry to bother..thanku...

Gallade said...

to jasdiane : capture the error you meet and post it here . Dear !

Anonymous said...

@gallade , quote comment 5

FFSJ right i suppose? not ffsf, i did a google search , and it appears to be FFSJ file spplitter and joiner

Anonymous said...

downloaded all using megaupload link, joined with ffsj joiner .

video played very well at first. till it reach 31:39, it stopped and just hang there. cannot be played anymore.

Please check. using VLC media player.

Gallade said...

From Gallade
to Comment #11 : Really sorry,my type mistake

to Comment #12 : Please try to use another player like Media Player Classic (from K-lite Codec Pack) ; KMPlayer ; PotPlayer ...

肉粽 said...

sorry~ but is lose 'Always Yours' .

Anonymous said...

i tried media player classic. Can be played up to 31.40 then lag abit, and jump to 34mins, and continue playing then up to one point lag again. this time totally stops. media player CRASH.

why ?

Gallade said...

From Gallade
to below comment : I guess you have error on video frame when downloading.You better re-download them,no pause-resume !

Anonymous said...

im using Mega Manager to download. because im a premium user.

I guess the Mega manager is causing downloading problem eventho i dint receive any problem while downloading.

I tried downloading other smaller video using MegaManager, turns out the file corrupted while extracting(its a .rar). and while i redownload again using browser download, it turns out to be good.

im going to redownload again using normal browser download , i will report again. THANKS ADMIN, FRO YOUR TIME TO REPLY.


Anonymous said...

yeap. download using normal download with browser shows no error!


Gallade said...

From Gallade
to #18 : Oh,nice when hear you can play it normal !

Anonymous said...

Do you have DVD ISO for it?

Mychael said...

why i can't download file number 21 22 23 ?
can you help me ?

Anonymous said...

can you please upload this again??please??

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